Objective: To work in the open to design and deliver the technical direction of the ownCloud core to the benefit of the global ownCloud ecosystem.

The start date for the Technology Working Group is 1 June 2016.

  • The Technical Working Group is initially be appointed by ownCloud, Inc. and ownCloud GmbH. Any Contributor Member can request election into the Technical Working Group, provided that his/her proposal is supported by 5 other Contributor Members and voted on by a 2/3 majority of the existing Technical Working Group Members. Elections will happen monthly.
  • The Chairman of the Technical Working Group can veto any decision by the members of the Technical Working Group in which case the decision will go to the Board for final resolution with a majority vote.

The working group aims to deliver a series of public proposals for future versions and generations of the ownCloud project on a regular schedule, to be determined by the working group but with a frequency no less than once every six months. Areas of focus should include the following:

  • End-user experience and usability
  • Scalability of large deployments within the dimensions of number of files, number of users, size of files, geographical distributions, et al
  • Extensibility of the platform into deeper existing capabilities or newer ones, with a focus both on the home/individual user and large organizations, including open interfaces and their evolution
  • Quality of implementation and evolution of existing platform components with a focus on robustness and resiliency
  • Performance under typical low-scale use and very large, scaled deployments
  • Security of administration and use, including resistance to attacks on data, configuration, administration, service, and others
  • Stable APIs, interfaces and implementation to support and encourage a thriving app ecosystem

The Technical Working Group agenda is public and might include recommendations on areas such as technology choices such as language, libraries, third-party components, etc., or collaboration with other projects or groups (e.g. OpenCloudMesh). Creating synergy with other Working Groups and initiatives is explicitly desired – to avoid redundancy and demonstrate inclusiveness.