Objective: To deliver an inclusive, open and world class ownCloud Contributor Conference (OCC), maximizing attendee satisfaction and promoting the success of the ownCloud Ecosystem

The start date for the OCC working group is June 1, 2016. Working group co-Leads (2) will be nominated by the ownCloud community and confirmed by the ownCloud Foundation Board. Other roles will be created as required.

Participation in the Working Group is open to interested members of the ownCloud Foundation. All discussions are public, and all plans and approaches are to be determined by the Working Group.

The ownCloud Contributor Conference Working Group will organize and execute the annual ownCloud Contributor Conference, the single largest open source event around file sync and share on the planet. This conference is the annual gathering place for the ownCloud contributor ecosystem – develops, designers, translators, OpenCloudMesh participants and more – that make up the ownCloud ecosystem. This Working Group will plan, budget and execute a world class event for the betterment of the ownCloud ecosystem.

The Working Group is responsible for all aspects of the ownCloud Contributor Conference, and will recruit Working Group members, plan the event, and execute against those plans. The Working Group will meet regularly with the ownCloud Foundation Board, submit budget proposals, and provide an overview of Conference plans. Once approved, the Conference Working Group will be responsible for executing these plans, drawing on members from across the ownCloud ecosystem and beyond.

Areas of focus for the working group may include:

  • Mission, goals and agenda
  • Keynote and topic speakers
  • Conference staff and working group recruiting
  • Staffing, housing and logistics
  • Social events, hacking and networking
  • Attendee registration, giveaways and subsidies
  • Marketing, promotion and handouts
  • Provisioning, equipment and orchestration
  • Sponsorships and budgeting
  • Working closely with the Evangelist Working Group and others to coordinate and orchestrate the overall Conference

The working group agenda is public and set by the group and the group leaders. The Conference working group agenda may include creating and approving overall conference agendas, hacking and breakout sessions, overall conference messaging, budgets and plans to maximize attendance and deliver value on time and on budget, while furthering the ownCloud ecosystem.