Objective: To grow the ownCloud ecosystem by evangelizing the mission, value and accomplishments of the ownCloud ecosystem in an open, inclusive and welcoming manner.

The start date for the Evangelist Working Group is 1 June 2016. Working group co-leads (2) will be nominated by the ownCloud community and confirmed by the ownCloud Foundation Board. Other roles will be created as required.

Participation in the Working Group is open for every interested member of The ownCloud Foundation. All discussions are public, and all plans and approaches are to be determined by the Working Group.

The ownCloud Foundation Evangelist Working Group is tasked with evangelizing the ownCloud ecosystem to the world, promoting the ownCloud project, the ownCloud platform and welcoming openly those contributors who would like to participate and build the ecosystem – be it users, advocates, language translations, code contributions, working group activities, commercial users, UX designs and more — helping to build an open, transparent and free community.

The Working Group will provide a structured approach to evangelize the ownCloud ecosystem and its associated budget. The Evangelist Working Group will meet regularly, and can take action to evangelize ownCloud starting day one. Proposals for funding will be made to the board, and reports out of the Evangelist Working Group will be made on a schedule determined by the working group, but with frequencies not less than once every six months. Areas of focus for these proposals and reports may include the following:

  • General ownCloud awareness, brand recognition and advocacy activities
  • Community observation, advocate recruiting and training plans
  • Advocate supplies and scheduling
  • Key conference coverage, budget and participation
  • Welcome new members to the foundation
  • Press, newsletters and social promotion
  • Marketing materials, budget and distribution
  • Blogging, articles and general information dissemination from The ownCloud Foundation and associated working groups
  • Identification and outreach to relevant adjacent communities

The Working Group agenda is public and set by the group and the group leaders. The Evangelist Working Group agenda may include recommendations on Working Group structure, raising ownCloud awareness, the use of social media, promotion and surveys of the community, ownCloud demos and use cases, collaboration with complementary communities and more. Close relationships with the other ownCloud Foundation Working Groups are desired to avoid duplication of work and to demonstrate one inclusive, coordinated ownCloud Foundation to the world.